Applying Liquid Foundation

The foundation is always to base of the makeup! This is the part which can ruin your makeup if not done correctly.

Applying liquid foundation flawlessly:

- Ensure you have a clean foundation brush, perfect for getting in all the nooks & crannys of the face

- Simply choose the foundation which matches a shade close to your face & pour a small amount onto your brush

- Start to Stroke the foundation following the contours of the face, starting in the T-Zone and any red areas, working your way out towards the cheeks and forhead

- Blend the foundation until a natural flawless look has been achieved

- Finish the look with either a setting powder or a makeup setting spray

Top Tip - It is always best to use a small amount of foundation & add more as you need it!

To complete these stages we would recommend the following items:

- W7 Foundation brush

- W7 HD Foundation

- Technic Setting spray

February 09, 2018 — Lydia Hughes