Classic White Oil Burner Short Owl


Classic White Oil Burner
Short Owl
To Use, Simply Add Water Into The Bowl On The Top Of The Oil Burner, Then Drop A Few Drops Of Your Favourite Essential Oil Before Putting A Lit Tealight Underneath The Bowl
The Heat From The Tealight Will Then Start To Evaporate The Water In The Bowl, Making The Scent From The Essential Oil Float Around The Room
You Can Also Use This Oil Burner As A Wax Melt Heater, By Just Adding A Few Cubes Of Our Stinky Pig Wax Melts Onto The Bowl Before Lighting A Tealight Underneath The Bowl, This Will Gently Heat The Melt Until Fully Melted, Created A Strong Scent For Your Home
Approx 8.5cm x 8.5cm