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Soap Cake Slice


Bath, Bubble & Beyond Soap Cakes
Inspired From Real Cakes, These Luxury Treats Are Not To Be Missed!
All Cakes Are Beautifully Scented & Gorgeous To Look At
These Are Easy To Use, Just Simply Wet With Warm Water & Use Like A Basic Soap, Keep Open In The Bathroom For A Gorgeous Airfreshner Too!
These Cakes Make A Perfect Gift & Are So Delicious To SMELL!
All Slices Are Around 200g Approx So You Get A Lot Of Cake For Your Money!
There Are 5 Different Cakes To Choose From -
Coco Cobana
Grapefruit & Mandarin
Strawberry Surrender
Raspberry Rippler
Lemon Meringue

Just Simply Choose Your Favourites From The Dropdown Above Or Choose One Of Each!
Ingredients Are On The Back Of Each Soap

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