Stargazer Plush Glitter Shaker Plush Mauve


Stargazers Plush Glitter Shakers
These Are A Must Have For Any Glitter Fan Out There
Perfect For Parties, Festivals, Parades, Shows, Carnivals & Many More
Totally Easy To Use, Just Simply Use The Recommended Stargazer Fixer Gel Before Applying The Glitter
This Glitter Can Be Used On The Face, Body, Nails & Hair!
Perfect For Adding A Splash Of Glittery Goodness!
We Currently Have 6 Colours In The Pastel Range To Choose From:
Plush Violet
Plush Mauve
Plush Charcoal
Plush Currant
Plush Spice
Plush Pine
Choose Your Favourite From The Dropdown Above!